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Author page: Roberto Gatti

Logistics of the future

A fascinating vision of an efficient operation applying cutting-edge technology, shared by one of the world's leading companies. In this video innovative solutions are shown both in warehouses and in distribution. In addition, it shows us the impact on the environment and the difficulties that arise from operating in large cities. This documentary in just…

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Solving the 50-Foot Problem

MHI shares its vision of how the impact of the growth of e-commerce and the difficulties that arise when operating in large cities is making the last stretch of urban logistics, in addition to being the most expensive and complicated, is motivating large companies and specialists to find new options with creativity and innovation.  …

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Supply Chain Professional Profile

In this article we want to identify the skills and knowledge that every professional working in the world of logistics must handle. The day to day in the logistics area is always fascinating, the realities are constantly changing and so are the necessary adjustments to meet the commitments with internal and external customers. The decision…

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